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Dr. Yuval Dror

Dr. Yuval Dror is a scholar and consultant to senior management in organizational and business development and change.


In his capacity as Organizational Development Consultant Yuval worked with leading Israeli corporations such as, Bank Hpoalim, Bank Discount, Bank Mizrachi-Tfachot, Koor Industries,  Airport Authority, Highway 6, Israeli Police, Comverse as well as other middle and small size businesses including startups in areas such as High-Tech, Production & Manufacturing companies , the Hospitality and Tourism industries, and Non-profit organizations.

Yuval is involved in initiatives dedicated to social responsibility, social businesses and ethics. Yuval was one of the founders of 'Minga- The arena for Social businesses' ( In this capacity Yuval is helping NGO's to become more sustainable, Philanthropist to become more influential and Firms to become more social oriented with collective impact in mind.


Yuval's academic interests are in applying Complexity and Chaos theories to change processes and managers development.  Dr. Yuval Dror is the founder of the Master's Degree Program in Organizational Consulting at the Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University. He was award a Doctorate in Business Administration, by the University of South Australia and Swiss Business School and holds a MA degree in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University.


Yuval is a member of the Israeli Association Of Organizational Development management commitee and serve as the chair person of the Israeli O.D. annual conferences.


Subjects of Interest:

Complexity and Chaos based Change Management

Social Businesses, Social Responsibility and Ethics

Strategic and holistic Processes

Human Resources

Applied Research



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